Crooked Waters is a multiplayer virtual reality game where players emerge in a thrilling pirate themed naval combat experience. Together with your fellow pirates you'll try to survive the clash with other pirate ships.

Weigh the anchor! Load the cannons! Set sail!
The ship won't conquer the enemy on it's own, and it needs its crew. Are you a captain? A cannoneer? Or a mere Scallywag? There is no rank when you're in the heat of battle. Adjust the sails so you'll have the speed advantage, supply your cannoneers with ammo or chant some Yo Ho Ho! and Ye Hè Hè to keep the morale high. Sink those Scurvy Dogs when you get the chance, because there is no room for others in these Crooked Waters.

With your travels you discover a training ground, used by the Indigenous to train their abilities.