The game

Indigenous is a virtual reality game set in a post ice age environment. You play as the first generation of this new age. As snow melts and glaciers break you feel your connection to the earth getting stronger. Out of the snow arise ruins from structures build by the Indigenous, a generation that lived before the ice-age. Upon discovering these ruins, you learn about the bizarre powers that these indigenous had. Drawings of people controlling earth with what seems to be their mind.

With your travels you discover a training ground, used by the Indigenous to train their abilities.


The main goal in Indigenous is to train your ability and use it to fight online opponents.

Online match After learning the basics you can fight other players online. You get matched 1 vs 1 against your opponent for a single death-match. You win by damaging your opponent with your ability and the environment and blocking the opponent's attacks the same way.

When you are not fighting an opponent you are in your home base. You can train here by fighting practise targets. This is also where you open your earned rewards and assemble them.