General questions
We have not excluded adding more elements in the future, however Indigenous is designed and balanced around the earth element. We have given these ideas thought but are not working on a second element as of this time.
Yes, players engange in one versus one battles using their earth controlling abilities to fight eachother. We are also planning on adding the posibility for a player to invite a friend to their base. This way you can practise and get creative.
A player places him or herself in a search queue, when a match is found both players are placed in a randomly selected arena. After a brief countdown both players are free to move around and use their ability. Both players have hitpoints represented as a circle on their bracelet. When hit by a rock the player takes damage based on the rock's mass and speed. Whoever defeats the other opponent wins the game and will receive bonus XP.
The player has a home base. Here the player can use the training system to practise on his moves before going into an online battle, or afterwards to get better. The home base is also the place where you can claim and open your rewards for the gained levels.
The battle
With the limited buttons on the Vive wand controller we tried to differentiate actions by movement. For example: When you press the grip buttons while aiming at the ground, you can now either spawn a pillar by moving your hands upwards or move your hand apart and then upwards to create a wall. The different actions will each have their own tutorial as to how to perform it.
We tried given the player as much freedom as possible. Different physical movements allow you to perform different actions. You can also combine these actions to your own creative attack manoeuvres. There are limits though, as we didn't want the player to perform unexpected actions. The fixed actions also have multiple states that allows them to be used in different kind of ways.
As of right now players engange in a one versus one deathmatch. We plan on adding two versus two and maybe even more players after the game is released. This gives us time to fix balancing issues that might occur when increasing playercount.